Hey there! We’re Mel & Amber, partners in both life and adventure, navigating this beautiful world together while finding balance in every step of our journey. We’re all about embracing life fully and making choices that align with our values.

We met in the vibrant city of LA, sparking the beginning of our love story. Mel called the lights of Las Vegas home, while Amber embraced the adventures of Salt Lake City. Fueled by our shared love for the outdoors our journey became an adventure in itself. Filled with excitement and a determination to experience every facet of life, together. 

We’re excited to open the door to our world of wellness, adventure, and smart financial living. Follow along for a look into our life, where we’re not just sharing stories but also dishing out tips and tricks to make your journey smoother. we’re here to inspire you to infuse adventure and wellness into every day.

Curious how we make it all work? This is where we share our experiences, the products we love, and the companies that help us live our dreams and that have become integral to our daily routine.

If you’re into exploring, mindful living, and seeking the sweet spot between adventure and financial freedom, you’re in the right place!

Expect travel tales, wellness wisdom, and links to the products that have earned a permanent spot in our lives – We believe that every day is an opportunity for a new adventure. Here’s to more love, more laughter, and a life well-lived!

Never Settle & Always Keep Exploring