Our favorite restaurants in Batsi

Our favorite restaurants in Batsi

These are just a few of our favorite restaurants and tavernas we tried in Batsi! There are quite a few options, so we weren’t able to eat at every place. Hopefully next time we visit, we’ll have more recommendations for you.

Avpa- Souvlaki and Gyros

Writing this and looking at our pictures makes my mouth water. Delicious, inexpensive, and friendly are my top words to describe this place. We went every afternoon for lunch and enjoyed a Mythos beer and pork gyros. The atmosphere is relaxed with a great view, but what makes this place incredible is the souvlaki meat. The meat is amazingly juicy and tender, but still has a great crispy layer on the outside. From the pita, to the tomatoes, to the meat, and homemade tzatziki, this place stole our hearts from the first bite. What sets it aside from others is definitely the meat, but also the addition of shredded carrots to give the gyros a sweet effect countering the spice from the red onion and green bell pepper. Must go to in Batsi!

Take me back!

Stivari Gardens

Amazing dining atmosphere. It’s a bit off the main streets of Batsi. The restaurant is secluded in a beautiful green garden shaped by trees.   You might even see some chickens running around! What we love about Greek food is the food sharing culture. We shared salmon dip, a large (very large!) Greek salad, and saganaki (fried cheese, deliciously covered in freshly squeezed lemon and olive oil).   Wine was offered by the half carafe or whole (but who gets just a half carafe!?), and then they end the meal with a small bottle of complimentary raki. We enjoyed the atmosphere of this small taverna, but the food, was definitely top notch and great on price!

A peak into the garden

The Dolphins

This restaurant had many great reviews and all were spot on. We actually ate dinner here twice.   The restaurant over looks the bay and has a lively vibe. The lamb moussaka is phenomenal and one of my most memorable meals on the island. We also shared the seafood pasta and dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Eyeing their menu though, we could have tried many more dishes…if only we stayed a month…

Blue Barrel

A little walk away from the “main” Batsi area, however, it’s only 5 minutes extra. We were taking an afternoon stroll and stumbled across this gem. We checked out the menu and immediately we wanted to try their fresh calamari, which did not disappoint at all. It was some of the best, fried calamari we ever had, it was like butter in your mouth. Can’t get much better than that! The owner is extremely friendly and actually also owns the bar next door, which has excellent prices and a fun atmosphere. Blue Barrel also provides beach chairs and umbrellas during the day. The price is 3 Euros per chair, but you also get a free drink of your choice…we of course chose to have a Mythos beer. Beer and the beach can’t get any better!

Beach at Blue Barrel

Stamatis Restaurant

What drew us to this restaurant was the restaurant setting. A few of the tables are in the alley way with a slight view of the ocean, but it was a more quiet and romantic setting. Here we tried the pastitsio, saganaki, and dolmades. The pastitsio and dolmades were good, but sadly the saganaki didn’t compare to Stivari Gardens. This was a good taverna, but not our favorite for food, however the carafe of red wine is really nice and so is the setting.

*** Themelos Bistro

I put this as a side note, not as a top favorite. This was written on Trip Advisor as one of the best restaurants in Batsi. We went and tried what everyone was raving about: pork in lemon and olive oil and mussels. We were so looking forward to trying this place, but sadly we were disappointed. The pork was really dry and the mussels were just OK. It was one of those places, go if you really have the urge, but if you don’t get to it, you’ll survive!

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Batsi? We plan on returning again next summer, so any suggestions or comments, we are would love to hear them!

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