About Us

Hello! Hallo! Hola! Bonjour! Good Day!

Welcome to our blog! We are an American couple living abroad and traveling the world as we know it. Our passions in life are new destinations, spicy food, and a good ol’ watering hole. We use airline miles and hotel points along the way to help us reach places we other wise couldn’t.

We left the United States behind in 2014 and took on a new career path, which has allowed us to fulfill our passions. We currently live in the heart of Germany teaching English. We teach Business English to large German companies and Universities. With our location, we are able to live inexpensively, have a rewarding career, and have easy access to many exciting destinations.

Deciding to start this blog was an easy decision. We already write extensive emails to our families, sharing our journeys, funny stories, and photos, so why not to start sharing with everyone else! We hope you join us and come along for the ride!


Margaret and Thomas

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