A Review of Oman Air Economy Class

A Review of Oman Air Economy Class

It was our favorite time of year again…it was time to leave cold, wintery Germany behind and head to warmer climates. The time had come to go on our annual vacation we usually take around the Christmas holidays.

This year was extra special as we were going further than we ever have before. We were headed to Australia (via Bangkok) and we had booked our round-trip flights to Bangkok with Oman Air.

It was our first time to fly Oman Air and also the first time to fly the Boeing 787 aircraft. Both ended up being great!

Our flights consisted of four segments. We flew Frankfurt-Muscat-Bangkok and back. Three of our flights were on the 787-800 and one was on the 787-900.

Frankfurt-Muscat (787-800)

It was cold and wet in Germany on departure day making us even more eager to leave. We left the Frankfurt Airport Sheraton Hotel (read our review here), checked in, and went through security. Oman Air departs from a very secluded part of Terminal 1 so there wasn’t much for us to do besides wait.

View of our plane parked at gate

It was finally time to board and we were officially off on our journey. We entered the aircraft and were greeted by the friendly cabin crew. Nice background music was being played and we were so far very impressed with the economy cabin. The cabin and seats has very pleasant color tones.

Our home for the next few hours!

There was adequate legroom and large seatback screens. All economy seats had the customary blanket and pillow. There was also a nice amenity kit (rare for economy class), which contained eyeshades, socks, earplugs, and a toothbrush.

Amenity kit

We pushed back from the gate and taxied through the rain to the runway. The 787’s engines came to life and we roared down the runway and lifted off into the gray skies. Almost immediately after lift off we were in thick cloud cover. The flight time today to Muscat would be approximately 5 and a half hours.

Once we reached cruising altitude, the service began. On all of our Oman Air flights, we received Desi Mix, a delicious, spicy potato snack. These were seriously addicting! We ordered a beer and enjoyed a Fosters, which was fitting, considering our final destination.

Addicting potato snacks!

Meal service began soon after and because of where we were sitting, there was only one choice of meal by the time the cabin crew reached our seats. Our meal was a fish in lemon sauce with rice. It may not have been our first choice, if given the option, but sure glad it was. The meal was truly delicious.

First great meal of many to come

We entertained ourselves with the seatback entertainment system (more on that later) and some gorgeous sunset views over Iran. The 787 is unique as it has electronic dimmable windows and it was fun playing with the settings.

Cruising at 40,000 ft.

Soon it was time for the second snack service and we were served a hot chicken and green olive pastry and a muffin bar. So far, so good Oman Air!

Snack service before landing in Muscat

Before long we were on our descent into Muscat and touched down smoothly.

Layover in Muscat

Muscat is in the process of building a new airport that will open later this year. Unfortunately, we still had to use the old terminal. There are no jetways so we deplaned by stairs and were bussed to the terminal. Transit security was quick and we then had about two hours until our next flight.

Deplaning by stairs in Muscat

There is not much to do in the current Muscat terminal. There is a duty free store, an overpriced Irish pub, and a few fast food places. Time passed quickly though and we were soon boarding our next flight.

Muscat – Bangkok (787-800)

The bus drove us to the same plane we had just flown in on from Frankfurt and we boarded using stairs. Once boarding was complete, we headed to the runway and took off towards Bangkok.

Cabin view during boarding

Many of the passengers on the flight appeared to be going on holiday, so there was quite a festive atmosphere on board…aka the drinks were flowing!  There was the same snack service as before and the meal choices were a beef stew or Asian-style chicken. Both were delicious!

Great tasting beef stew and red wine
Asian-style chicken

As we approached Bangkok, we were treated to some nice sunrise views. The breakfast service consisted of a not so good chicken sandwich. Sorry, no picture!

Approaching Bangkok

After another 5 and a half hour flight we finally touched down in Bangkok, eager to start our vacation!

Good morning Bangkok!

One of the features of the Boeing 787 is an increased humidity level on board which makes you feel more refreshed and helps fight against jetlag. We definitely noticed that we felt better than normal and not so bloated after such a long journey!

Bangkok – Muscat (787-900)

After 3 wonderful weeks, it was time to head back to Germany! We reluctantly made our way to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Check in and security was quick but then we were forced to stand in line for over an hour for the exit passport control. Just a side tip, always get to the Suvarnabhumi Airport earlier than necessary…you never know how long it will take.

We boarded our flight and it soon became clear that this would be a very empty flight! All the passengers had plenty of room to spread out. Soon after boarding was complete, we taxied a long distance to the runway and were off on our 6-hour flight to Muscat.

The empty flight and nice mood lighting provided a very relaxed atmosphere.

Really setting the mood

There was the same snack service as usual followed by dinner. This time the choices were a vegetarian pasta or seafood and noodles. Again, both were really good. Oman Air does a great job with economy class catering.

Vegetarian pasta
Fish with pasta

The entertainment system helped pass the time. While there may not be as many choices as Emirates or Singapore, there were more than enough options to keep us busy. There is a large selection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, games, and music. There is of course also the moving map.

Almost to Muscat

Another chicken sandwich (this time better) was served before landing.

Chicken sandwich before landing in Muscat

We touched down in Muscat at about 11:30 pm with about 3 hours until our final flight departed.

Muscat – Frankfurt (787-800)

Our layover in Muscat was the same as before. Our flight to Frankfurt departed at 2:45 am and we were pretty exhausted by the time we boarded.

Unfortunately, this time our flight was completely full with no room to spread out.   Flight time was announced at 6 hours and 40 minutes. We were soon on our way on the final leg of our trip.

Due to the time of departure, there would only be a snack service with main meal (breakfast) being served before landing. We were served yet another chicken sandwich before the lights were completely dimmed.

Chicken sandwich…yes, there is chicken in the middle!

We managed a few hours of sleep before the mood lighting slowly came back to life. Breakfast was soon served along with tea, coffee, and juices. The choices were chicken sausage and eggs or potatoes and eggs. Both were tasty.

Eggs and chicken sausage
Eggs and vegetables

Shortly after breakfast, we began our decent into Frankfurt. One thing we found interesting is that on every one of our flights, the cabin crew collected all the blankets before landing. We haven’t experienced this on other airlines. Maybe the blankets are hot Oman Air souvenirs!

We finally touched down at 7 am and it was still completely dark. Sadly, our vacation was officially over.

Final Thoughts

We loved all of our Oman Air flights and would happily fly them again. The economy class food was great and the cabin crew were friendly and professional. The cabins were all immaculately clean and the entertainment systems kept us occupied for hours.

The Oman Air experience will also be significantly better once the new airport in Muscat officially opens. We hope to be back on board soon!

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