8th Wonder Brewery- Houston, Texas

8th Wonder Brewery- Houston, Texas

Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States. It is a city known for NASA, medicine, oil and gas companies, and of course, hurricanes. Houston is a city not visited by many tourists and is often forgotten about. However, what most people don’t know about Houston is that it’s one of the most diverse cities in the country, has a top culinary scene, and is now a growing city for microbreweries, such as the 8th Wonder Brewery.

The 8th Wonder Brewery started brewing its specialty micro-brews in 2013. Its name comes from what us Houstonians deem The 8th Wonder of the World…the Astrodome, which is the first domed stadium in the world. Even though the Astrodome is no longer an active stadium, its name and firm history in our city still lives on. Thus, now we have the 8th Wonder, brewing its fine beer for our city.

Original seats from the Astrodome

The low-key industrial East Downtown location is perfect for this microbrewery. The 8th Wonder serves up 5 year-round brews, 4 seasonal brews, and 8 limited released brews (could change frequently as well). For $15 you can get 3 beer tokens, plus an 8th Wonder souvenir glass, which was what I chose. There are different prices for single beers and tokens without the souvenir glass.

All the beer on tap


Knowing I was taking Uber, I wanted to sample as many beers as possible, and I made my selections.

1st Beer: I went the safe route and ordered one of their lighter beers called the Coltsch Forty5. This beer resembled a Kölsch style beer famous in Cologne, Germany. It was tasty, but not the exact taste I was looking for. The beer reminded me of a Blue Moon, minus the orange. It being a hot Houston evening, I drank it rather quickly and was ready to order my next one.

2nd Beer (plus maybe a few more…): A high recommendation from my brother, I ordered the Dome Faux’m Cream Ale. It was by the far the best decision I’ve almost ever made in my entire life. This is a game changing beer. It’s light, full flavored, but not overwhelming. I enjoyed this so much, I bought some at the grocery store to keep me well hydrated during the rest of my time at home.

3rd Beer: Astroturf, Dry-Hopped Cream Ale was another recommendation and it was great. It was slightly similar to the Dome Faux’m, but unique on it’s own.

4th Beer: Cougar Paw Red Ale, which sadly was a disappointment considering the other fantastic beer we’d been drinking all night. I say this according to my taste in beer. It is a dark beer, so it was bitter, but not in a good way bitter. It was rather hard to finish. Needless to say, I wanted to end my evening on a good note, and I ordered my last and final beer and went with the Dome Faux’m.


What makes this brewery a gem is its outdoor seating areas. In Houston, you can sit outside about 10 months out of the year. The outdoor area is simple, but had plenty of seating for large parties and groups. There is a small stage for live music as well.

What I enjoyed from the outdoor experience was of course the food truck. One of Houston’s finest food trucks, Eatsie Boys, was on site serving up their burgers. I had to indulge and try their original hamburger, with a fried egg of course.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the atmosphere is perfect for happy hours after work, meeting friends, or grabbing a beer and watching a game on their big screen TVs. With Houston’s more than a dozen microbreweries, I’m determined to drink my way through them all.

What are your favorite microbreweries?

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  • Will have to check it out, likely with someone you know. Name starts with “S”. And congratulation to this nice blog. Very aesthetic!

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