24 Hours in Strasbourg, France

24 Hours in Strasbourg, France

Usually, we don’t like to spend 24 hours in a new place, but due to time and other obligations, we only had 24 hours in Strasbourg, France. Sadly, it was not nearly enough. We could have walked the streets, browsed the stores, ate fantastic food, and of course drank fine wine for much longer but it just wasn’t possible this time. With limited time, we came, we saw, and we conquered everything that we wanted to do.


Usually when we travel, we prefer to stay at one of our rewards program hotels: Marriott or Starwood. However, smaller cities usually don’t have big chain hotels, and this was the case in Strasbourg. We did, however, have a $150 free night hotel certificate through hotels.com, which we were able to redeem.

With many hotels to choose from, we chose Residence Le Moon and what a great decision that was! Residence Le Moon is not a typical hotel. There is not a reception, check-in, etc, as everything is done electronically and given to you via email, which was perfectly fine for us. If you like to have that personal touch, this probably wouldn’t be a hotel for you.

Hotel entrance


As soon as you open the front door, you are greeted by striking blue walls, a grand staircase, and a stunning chandelier. We enjoyed the dramatic entry and knew immediately, we would not be disappointed in our room. According to the website, every room has it’s own unique décor and ours was definitely unique. Once again, a dramatic scene was set: turquoise walls and a wall-to wall map placed behind the bed.

Besides the décor, we enjoyed that our room also had a kitchen. There was a small refrigerator, stovetop, sink, and Nespresso maker (plus!).   Although we were not planning on using the kitchen, it was a nice touch.   The bathroom was another great surprise. It was spacious with a wonderful rain shower and fantastic Clarins products to use. It had all of the amenities any other hotel might have.

The hotel also has a beautiful backyard garden. Unfortunately, the weather was not pleasant when we were there, so we couldn’t take advantage of it, however, we pictured sharing a nice bottle of wine before dinner in the warmer months. Even though the hotel did not have a reception, the hotel provides suitcase lockers in case you leave later in the day and don’t want to wheel your luggage around with you.


Besides timing and the opportunity to travel to Strasbourg, food was truly our main reason to visit. French cuisine and, of course, wine is a favorite of ours.

We ended up walking around most of the day and had dinner at a fantastic restaurant, Mamama Bistro Alsacien.   We had walked by several restaurants, but some were either too touristy or didn’t have what we were looking for. Mamama had everything we wanted: great food, reasonably priced wine, and a cozy atmosphere.

We splurged a bit and ordered escargot in a parsley butter sauce. Three words…to die for. The snails were fresh and the sauce was a nice compliment. We also shared the classic Tarte Flambée (flammkuchen as we know it in Germany) and a large goat cheese salad with turnips, beets, honey, and nuts. Sharing is better for us, because we can sample more food! To drink, we ordered a carafe of their local house wine, which was full-bodied and the perfect compliment. Overall, we were so glad we stumbled across this gem and we were happy we didn’t just “settle” for anything.

The next and final afternoon we enjoyed lunch at Au Brasseur. We googled good brunch places in Strasbourg and this place popped up, and we’re happy it did! Au Brasseur is a friendly local brewpub with excellent food and great beer, which they brew on site.

Sadly, we were really hungry and forgot to take pictures of our food! This is rather common for us as we’re usually too excited or hungry to snap pictures.

We ended up sampling their Blonde and Blanche beer, and found them to be equally good. Then we shared another classic Tarte Flambée and a Croque-Madame. The classic Tarte Flambée was great, but the show stopper was the very cheesy and delicious Croque-Madame. Writing this now, makes me want to go back just for that, as it was that memorable and delicious. Definitely a go to for very reasonably priced food, beer, and a fun atmosphere.


As mentioned, we only had a limited amount of time in Strasbourg but we did our best to see as much as we could. We left the city feeling like we saw a lot and had a fantastic first impression of Strasbourg! Strasbourg is a breeze to explore, as the historic city center is pedestrian friendly and compact. A scenic canal surrounds the old city and provides plenty of opportunities for a nice walk on the adjoining footpath.

Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace, a region that has been passed back and forth between France and Germany throughout history. It is easy to see the combination of influences from both countries in the architecture and the cuisine.

The city center has some stunning, well-preserved buildings and beautiful large squares. We really enjoyed just walking around, taking it all in, and soaking up the sights. It was a Saturday afternoon and the city was bustling with locals and tourists.

A highlight of Strasbourg is the Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame that rises majestically over the medieval city center.

We also enjoyed visiting the beautiful and very picturesque Petite-France neighborhood, located between rivers. There are narrow cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered homes. Wandering through the streets is like taking a trip back in time. Quaint little shops and restaurants are everywhere you look.

We couldn’t resist and stopped in a few local shops, buying some fantastic aged local cheese and some delicious macarons.

Final Thoughts

We frequently travel to Stuttgart, Germany and combined Strasbourg in the same trip. Stuttgart and Strasbourg are located just over an hour apart by high-speed train.

Why is this the first time we have visited Strasbourg?

 This thought sums up our feelings, as we absolutely loved it here and definitely plan on coming back one day. Strasbourg is known to have one of the nicest Christmas markets in Europe and after visiting we can see how the setting would be magical.

Strasbourg is well worth a trip and left us eager to return and also explore the rest of the region.

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