24 Hours in Berlin

24 Hours in Berlin

We were growing a little restless a few days ago and decided to take a quick over-night trip. We quickly decided we would spend the next 24 hours in Berlin! You could consider us “city” people as we’ve both only lived in relatively large cities. Where we currently live now is a city of 200,000 people, and for us that is extremely small. We enjoy the hustle and bustle, large and chaotic transit systems, and a wide variety of activities happening every weekend. Needing a bit of that organized chaos, we headed to our number one destination, Berlin.

Why Berlin again?

Berlin is it’s own animal. Berlin is completely different than any other German city that we have visited and also very different than most European capitals. It’s mix of freedom, ethnic diversity, and culture is what draws us in. Although it is the largest city in Germany, sometimes it is actually difficult to hear German being spoken on the streets. The city is so ethnically diverse that you would think English is the first language.

Anyway, needing some time away, we used Starwood points to book a room at the Cosmo Hotel and set our sights on walking around, eating good food, and drinking. We started out with our usual walk through our favorite neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg. We strolled through the market, grabbed a Poke Bowl, and drank a beer. What’s great about Berlin is that you can walk just about anywhere and find something really fun to do.

There is always something going on in Berlin

As we were walking through Prenzlauer Berg, we stumbled across a Craft Beer Festival taking place at the Kulturbrauerei, which ended up being the perfect afternoon activity. The festival had great food trucks and stalls (similar to the Sunday Food Truck Festival in the same location) and of course, many varieties of craft beer. We love to drink cider. It can be hard to find a really good cider that isn’t sweet. Luckily, we found the perfect one. It had the right amount of tartness (and strength!).

Amazing cider

Time for dinner

After the Craft Beer Festival, we wanted to try a recommendation from Berlin Food Stories. If you are travelling to Berlin or a foodie, check out this website. We rely on it every time we visit for good food! This time we went to Chilees, a Korean restaurant.

We decided on this restaurant because we had heard about their ramen burgers. If you haven’t tried a ramen burger yet, you must! It is certainly unique! A ramen burger is a meat patty between two “buns” that really are blocks of cooked ramen noodles. The burgers are usually garnished with Korean condiments.

We enjoyed our ramen burger a lot but we have had better before.


The next day happened to be the third Sunday of the month. Once we realized this, we were very happy because the Berlin breakfast market takes place at Markthalle 9 every third Sunday of the month.

Markthalle 9 is an old retro-style market hall that is a foodie’s paradise. There is a regular market a few times a week and the rest of the days are filled with various food events and festivals. It is definitely worth checking the calendar on the website before a visit to Berlin. Two of the more popular events are Street Food Thursdays (which we have not been to yet) and the Sunday breakfast market.

Inside the breakfast market

On Sunday we arrived hungry and strolled through the market to see what we would be eating. All types of breakfast and non-breakfast food is available from around the world. It is a really fun atmosphere! It was very hard to choose but we finally settled on a Reuben sandwich, a bagel with lox and cream cheese, and to top it all off…Gyoza! It was all delicious!

Reuben sandwich! Yum!
Delicious gyoza!

Sadly, our 24 hours in Berlin had come to an end and it was time to head home. We were able to pack a lot in in a short visit and we always have a blast in Berlin. We know the city fairly well and have visited most of the tourist sights. What we really enjoy on our recent visits is exploring the local neighborhoods and simply seeing what happens!

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